Fish need feed. Corals do as well!

Fish and corals have adapted to specific diets in their natural environments over millions of years and have developed many different strategies for absorbing nutrients. The slow-sinking DuplaMarin Fine Feed Granulate, for example, suits the natural feeding habits and feed requirements of marine water fish. But corals need to be fed as well. Although most stone corals hosting zooxanthellae (e.g. Acropora) mainly feed off the metabolism of their symbiotic algae at the surface of the coral polyps, which use light to generate the required nutrients such as sugar, glycerine and amino acids, studies have shown that the supply of nutrients through the zooxanthellae is insufficient for the corals and that nitrogen compounds, amino acids, vitamins and organic compounds are required for their metabolism. Since the corals hosting zooxanthellae are not able to produce sufficient amounts, if any, of these substances, the coral covers this requirement by means of active nutrient uptake through polyps. Corals must also be fed!

Coral Food
180 ml/ 85 g
Coral Food phyto
180 ml / 85 g
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Eeze Powder
160 ml / 40 g