Cube Skimmer 120

(Item No.: 82500)

Product description


Always better with a skimmer!

Protein skimmers are among the most important technical devices in a marine water aquarium and have the important task of removing organic pollutants, such as protein compounds, from the water cycle before they are converted into nitrogen by biological degradation processes.
Marine water aquaria are constantly accumulating protein compounds as a result of feed, organic waste products and dead algae, animals and micro-organisms. As the majority of these compounds are broken down by nitrification, which is faster than denitrification, high levels of pollution lead to a long-term accumulation of harmful nitrate.
The Cube Skimmer removes proteins (protein compounds) and inorganic as well as organic molecules from the water before the bacteria can decompose them. This reduces the load on the aquarium water and constantly reduces the nitrate content.

Skimmer construction:
1. Skimmer pump
2. Skimmer pump suction nozzle
3. Skimmer tube
4. Calming chamber
5. Foam cup
6. Foam cup lid
7. Silencer
8. Air hose
9. O-ring for skimmer mounting
10. Skimmer mounting
11. Skimmer mounting screw
12. Foam cup O-ring
13. Power supply unit


Product benefits at a glance:

• powerful protein skimmer for small marine water aquaria up to 120 l
• can be used directly in the aquarium, filter chamber or filter sump
• quiet, including additional silencer
• air intake: 90 l/h
• total height 30 cm
• for chamber size: 7.5 cm x 9 cm
• water level: at least 20 cm
• mounting for glass thickness up to 15 mm
• including power supply unit 12 V / 3.5 W


Technical data:

Aquarium size up to 120 litres
Height: 30 cm
Skimmer tube diameter 60 mm
Air intake 90 l / h
Min. water level 20 cm
Chamber size L x D 7.5 cm x 9 cm
Mounting for glass thicknesses of uo to 15 mm
Power supply unit DC12 V / 500 mA
Pump 12 V, 3,5 W
Pump cable length 140 cm
Power supply unit cable length 140 cm


Instructions for use / Cube Skimmer 120
     (PDF, 15,5 MB)