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Spirulina is a high quality feed granulate for marine water fish with a high content of vital vitamins, minerals and valuable plant-based raw materials. Spirulina algae ingredients and selected constituents of animal origin encourage growth, increase vitality and support the immune system of aquarium fish. Suitable in particular for the family of Acanthuridae (Surgeonfish).


Sole feed for ornamental fish

• with stabilised vitamin C
• easily digested and rich in nutrients
• colour enhancing
• supports the immune system
• high bioavailability

Feeding recommendations: 2 - 3 times daily of small amounts that can be consumed by the fish within 1 - 2 minutes.


Composition: Grain, fish and fish by-products, vegetables, algae (spirulina 6 %), extracts of vegetable protein, molluscs and crustaceans. oils and fats, minerals and yeasts.

Nutritionally important additives: Vitamin A 25.000 I.U./kg, vitamin D3 2.800 I.U./kg, vitamin E 220 mg/kg, vitamin C (ascorbyl phosphate, stable) 330 mg/kg, E 1 iron 83 mg/kg, E 2 iodine 5.5 mg/kg, E 3 cobalt 5.5 mg/kg, E 4 copper 5.5 mg/kg, E 5 manganese 22 mg/kg, E 6 zinc 88 mg/kg, E 8 selenium 0.3 mg/kg.

Sensory additive: Astaxanthin 45 mg/kg
Technological additives: Antioxidant, preservative

α DE 05 1660 14713


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