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Product description


The digital spoon scale is ideal for the precise weighing of trace elements such as Dupla Marin Power Calcium.
It is also easy to weigh out minerals such as Dupla Marin Amino Activ (link).
Simply weigh out and dispense the required amounts precisely with the Spooner.
The large spoon allows up to max. 500 g to be weighed at any one time and to an accuracy of 0.1 g!
Thanks to the easy-to-read LCD display and the simple settings adjustment with three buttons, the Spooner is particularly easy to use.
The battery (CR2032) included is particularly long-lasting.




Product benefits at a glance:

• ideal for precise weighing of minerals and trace elements

• easy to use and easy to read

• weighing accurate to 0.1 g up to max. 500 g

• a high-quality battery is included   


Technical data:

Battery: 1x CR2032 (3 V)

Weighing capacity: max. 500 g

Minimum measuring unit: 0.1 g   



Instructions for use / Spooner
     (PDF, 3,5 MB)

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