Ocean Lux LED

15 W (Item No.: 81495)

Product description

The light spectrum of Ocean Lux LED lights is tailored optimally to the needs of a Nano marine water aquarium. The integrated Cree® LED’s have an extremely long life of 60,000 hours and can be controlled via two separate channels. 
The balanced blended light brings out a brilliant, fluorescent colour in low animals and corals. At the same time supports it photosynthesis of zooxanthellae (symbiotic dinoflagellate), promoting healthy coral growth.
The Ocean Lux LED Controller makes it easy to program close to nature daylight and moonlight phase simulations. 
LED lighting for marine water aquaria with balanced, vivid light for healthy coral growth
• the balanced blended light brings out a brilliant, fluorescent colour in low
   animals and corals
• colour temperature: 15,000 Kelvin
• supports photosynthesis of zooxanthellae (symbiotic dinoflagellate)
• two LED channels, daylight and actinic blue, with separate control via Ocean Lux
   LED Controller *
• the Ocean Lux LED Controller* allow for programming simulated daylight
   and moonlight phases
• Cree® LED’s for an extra long life 
• uses less energy compared to conventional aquarium lighting: 50 %
• undangerous supply voltage: 24 V
*not included
Technical data:
Colour temperature: 15,000 K;  Lumen: 960 lm
2 x LED channel white, 7200 K, 1x LED channel actinic blue
LED beam angle: 120°
Output: 15 W
Dimensions LED light: 25 cm x 8.6 cm x 2.5 cm
Dimensions LED with retaining brackets: 29 cm – 45 cm
Average life of the individual LED channels: 60,000 operating hours
Mains voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Supply voltage: 24 V
Cable length LED light – ballast: 180 cm
Cable connection: Mini Power Din 
1 x Ocean Lux LED 15 W light with cable connection
1 x ballast 20 W
2 x retaining bracket
1 x operating instructions
Depending on the aquarium population, one Ocean Lux Led 15 W light will suffice for the recommended aquarium sizes. When keeping light-hungry corals using a second Ocean Lux Led 15 W light is recommended. 
  Output    Kelvin    Lumen     Nano Cube     Aquarium 
15 W 15.000  960 20 - 40 l ≤40 l



Recommended accessories:

Ocean Lux LED Controller
Y-connecting cable

The VG Ocean Lux LED 80 W ballast is required to operate the LED light.
Use the VG Ocean Lux LED 80 W ballast and the Y-connecting cable to operate two Ocean Lux LED lights.



Instructions for use / Ocean Lux LED 15 W
     (PDF, 4,9 MB)

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