Ocean Cube 80

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Product description

The Ocean Cube 80 is more than just nano. However, its size forms a link between the traditional nano aquarium and a larger reef aquarium. 
With the built-in filtration chamber and the option of integrating a protein skimmer directly into the system, you can create your very own miniature reef in your home. 
After its startup cycle, the Ocean Cube 80 forms it own little microcosm, in which all creatures and microorganisms live interdependently with one another. If the size of the aquarium is proportionate to the size and variety of the living creatures kept in this closed loop system, a permanently stable biological system can be developed with minimal care, which aquarists can enjoy for a long time.
Fascination Nano Reef
Particularly the tiny reef inhabitants such as small hermit crabs, tiny gudgeons, various corals, starfish, shrimps or the smallest of sessile invertebrates, which can be easily overlooked in a large aquarium, can finally be seen in a nano aquarium and lend special charm to the beholder. The true fascination of marine water aquaria can especially be observed on a small scale and enables experiencing its beauty up close. Which will be your favourite among the tiniest of creatures?
The individual components of the Ocean Cube 80:
• Ocean Cube 80
   The flint glass aquarium measuring L 45 cm x W 45 cm x H 40 cm
   (incl. filtration chamber L 45 cm x W 10 cm x H 40 cm) has a total volume
   of 80 litres. This is 18 litres for the integrated filter system.
   Incl. pump, glass cover and safety pad. 
• Feed pump
   The Skimz feed pump QE1.2 has a flow rate of 1,200 l/h and provides for sufficient 
   flow and a strong filtration performance.
   Tips on setting up the Ocean Cube 80.
Optional accessories: 
   Powerful light output, divided between two white LED channels (7,500 Kelvin)
   and an actinic blue LED channel, allows lower animals and stony corals to grow
   vigorously and display their particular blaze of colours. Made in Germany.
   Natural ultrapure aragonite with a grain size of 0.5 – 1.2 mm. The ground substrate
   is extremely bright with a high light reflection, which particularly benefits light-hungry
   corals. Furthermore, this substrate serves as a refugium for many useful organisms,
   has a significant effect on various biological processes and supplies calcium and
   This special salt mixture is enriched with over 70 trace elements for the perfect
   marine water aquarium with nature identical marine water.
   The densitometer. This can be used to precisely determine the salt concentration
   (salinity) in the aquarium. The optimum value is between 1,022 and 1,024 g/ml.
   Bacteria boosters and micronutrients, which particularly support the aquarium’s
   startup cycle with important bacteria and vital micronutrients.
   8 cm short thermometer specifically for nano tanks.

• Brilliant Blade Cleaner
   Removes algae and lime deposits from aquarium glass panes.

• Protein skimmer 
   Skimz Protein Skimmer SH1s is optionally available and can be easily integrated into 
   the existing filtration system.
• Ocean Lux LED Controller
   The LED Controller is optionally available and simulates natural sunrises
   and sunsets and controls the individual LED channels according to
   individual requirements. 


Guide / Ocean Cube 50 / 80
     (PDF, 11,7 MB)

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