Calcium liquid

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Provides all invertebrates with vital calcium. Especially enhances the growth of hard corals, tridacna shells, serpulidae and haptophytes. Enriched with Sr, Mn, B, Ba, and further trace elements. Suitable for dosing pumps. Contains 100,000 mg Ca.


The main elements calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and hydrogen carbonates (HCO3) have a decisive impact on the water stability (pH-value, alkalinity / carbon hardness) in the reef aquarium. In the right proportion to one another, calcium is the most important basic building material for the calcareous skeletons (aragonite) of all reefforming corals. Calcium liquid provides a combination of calcium, hydrogen carbonate and trace elements for best possible biological utilisation to support healthy coral growth. Soft and leather corals, mussels, tube worms and algae, apart from hard corals, also need a sufficient concentration of calcium for growth. The additional trace elements iron and manganese encourage the formation of important symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae), which play an important role in calcification (skeleton formation). Calcification proceeds according to the following equation:
Ca2+ +HCO3- -> Ca(HCO3)2 ->CaCO3 + H2CO3

Dosing: 10 ml increase the calcium content by 10 mg for every 100 l. The calcium content should be between 380 mg/l and 420 mg/l. Suitable for dosing pumps.


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