Strontium 24

50 ml
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Product description


Daily nutrient for invertebrates. Essential for healthy skeleton formation and coral growth. Contains traces of molybdenum. 


Strontium is a structure and trace element and is naturally found in sea water in a concentration of 8 mg/l. Next to calcium and magnesium, strontium is one of the most important trace elements and plays an important role in the care of stony corals, haptophytes and mussels. Furthermore, strontium is an essential trace element for the skeleton development of stony corals, as it is stored in the calcium carbonate crystal of the aragonite skeleton. The regular addition of Strontium 24 nano stimulates the growth of stony corals as well as that of the popular coralline algae. The growth of all Acropora and Pocillopora species is particularly improved. Strontium is not stable in aquarium water and is often undetectable after only 12–15 hours. The regular addition of Strontium 24 nano is important to prevent growth stagnation in corals or haptophytes due to strontium deficiency. The trace element molybdenum plays a vital role in the biology of many saltwater invertebrates and nitrifying filter bacteria. As reef-building organisms also use the molybdenum in the aquarium water, its levels have to be continuously replenished.


Dosing: At normal stock levels, 1 drop a day for every 50 l of aquarium water. If the aquarium holds large numbers of fast-growing stony corals (e.g. Acropora species), the dosage can be carefully increased. The dosage should be decreased in the case of increased growth of unwanted algae or a reduction in the xenia stock.


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