Eisen 24

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Daily nutrient for invertebrates. Promotes the colouring and growth of corals. Benefits the metabolism of symbiotic algae. Supports the formation of chlorophyll. through the trace element manganese.


The trace element iron occurs in natural sea water in a concentration of 0.01 mg. In an aquarium, it has to be topped up regularly. Iron is an essential component of the protein ferredoxin and thus essential for the photosynthesis of algae and symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae). The addition of Eisen 24 nano stimulates the growth of the important symbiotic algae and intensifies the colouring of corals. The result is an intensifying of the colour of giant clams, an obvious swelling in the tissue of mushroom corals, and an increase in the number of open polyps in Briareum. A measured addition of iron promotes the growth of higher algae and of the ever popular coralline algae. In addition, manganese stimulates chlorophyll production. At the same time, the trace element iron is an important catalyst in biological decomposition processes within a salt water aquarium. Because bacteria require large amounts of iron for biological decomposition, the regular addition of Eisen 24 nano is beneficial for all of the biological processes in an aquarium.


Dosing: 1 drop into 50 l daily. Strongly oxidizing processes (e. g. the addition of ozone or the operation of a trickle filter) in an aquarium may necessitate a careful increase of the dosage. Any brown discolouration of very light-coloured or yellow smallpolyped stony corals is an indication of an iron overdose. In that case, the dosage should be discontinued or sufficiently reduced.



Instructions for use / Iron 24
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Safety data sheet / Eisen 24
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Guide / Hints on how to create an ideal marine aquarium
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