Jod 24

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Product description


Essential trace element iodine for daily administration. Required for the development and colouring of corals. Essential for the moulting of crustaceans. Important for many species of algae. Promotes the light adaptation and coloration of soft corals, particularly stony corals.

The trace element iodine has to be regularly replenished.

Iodine tends to precipitate quickly, a process further speeded up through the addition of ozone or the use of active carbon filters or skimmers. In addition, iodine degrades when exposed to light. A lack of iodine stunts the growth of lower animals and corals and leads to a fading of colours. Jod 24 nano promotes the oloration and development of corals, optimises adaptation to various illumination levels and helps to neutralise the excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae. Echinoderms require iodine for building up their shells, while crustaceans and prawns need it for hardening their chitinous exoskeleton after moulting. The regular addition of Jod 24 nano is indispensable for the long-term care of xenia colonies and various species of algae, such as Caulerpa, Halimeda and many brown algae. In fish, iodine prevents goitre as an important component of the thyroid hormone.


Dosage: At normal stock levels, 2 drops daily for every 100 l of aquarium water. The dosage can be increased in cases of higher iodine requirments due to higher stock levels and thus a greater number of users or above-average precipitation for the reasons as listed above. The dosage should be decreased, if corals react with an excessive increase in colour.


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