Premium Reef Salt
2 kg for 60 l
other sizes available...



Premium sea salt to meet ultimate demands of modern reef aquaristics. Guarantees perfect and healthy growth of stone corals. Produced on the basis of the latest scientific know-how. Contains all the known trace elements found in natural marine water. Highly soluble, for immediate use. 100 % pharmaceutical grade.


• pharmaceutically pure top quality salt
• produced on the basis of the latest scientific know-how
• outstanding solubility
• guarantees perfect coral growth
• nitrate-free
• with all essential trace elements

Premium Sea Salt
2 kg for 60 l
other sizes available...



Quality marine salt for reef aquaria. Its composition corresponds to the conditions in natural sea water. Designed for marine water aquaria with fish and soft corals. Top salt for beginners.


• premium sea salt of the highest quality for nature-identical marine water
• designed for marine water aquaria with fish and soft corals
• very good solubility
• nitrate and chelate-free
• with more than 70 trace elements, which are combined in their natural
   ratios to one another


Power Calcium
400 g
other sizes available...



Power Calcium provides a combination of calcium, hydrogen carbonate and trace elements for best possible biological utilisation to support healthy coral growth. The additional trace elements iron and manganese encourage the formation of important symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae), which play an important role in calcification
(Ca²+ +HCO³- –> Ca(HCO³)² - –> CaCO³ + H²CO³) of corals.


• promotes calcification (skeleton building), particularly of SPS and LPS corals
• supplies calcium, hydrocarbonate and trace elements in a combination for
   best possible biological utilisation
• supports healthy coral growth
• vital for stone corals, soft and leather corals, mussels, tube worms and algae
• includes dosing spoon
• instructions for use are enclosed

Power Magnesium
400 g
other sizes available...



Magnesium is involved in many biological functions and is embedded with calcium in the skeletons of several corals, many invertebrates, coralline red algae and higher algae. Power Magnesium supplements the magnesium consumption in the reef aquarium and helps to keep the main elements‘ concentration ratio in the correct ion balance.


• increases the biologically important magnesium content
• assists the natural concentration ratios of the main elements
• promotes biochemical processes
• necessary for the growth of coralline algae
• vital for healthy coral growth
• includes dosing spoon
• instructions for use are enclosed

Power KH+
250 g
other sizes available...



Provides the necessary hydrogen carbonate to the corals, promotes the growth of hard corals and stabilises the pH of the water. Power KH+ dissolves readily and does not cloud.


• increases the carbonate hardness (KH) / alkalinity
• stabilises the pH value through greater buffering capacity
• vital for all calcific organisms
• assists calcification
• includes dosing spoon
• instructions for use are enclosed

Liquid Trace Element Mixture
250 ml
other sizes available...



Provides all invertebrates with vital trace elements. Enhances healthy and colourful growth of all hard and soft corals. Contains I, Fe, Mn, Mo, K, Br, Sr, Cu, Zn and further vital trace elements. Enriched with vitamins A, D³, E and C. Suitable for dosing pumps.


Trace elements mix ensure optimum supply of stone and soft corals, mussels, fan worms and coralline algae with essential minerals and trace elements in the marine water aquarium. Besides the main elements magnesium, calcium and hydrogen carbonate, trace elements stabilise numerous biological processes and support vital processes within the organisms. Limitations of certain trace elements may occur due to consumption, precipitation or skimming. Trace elements mix compensates for this depletion. Trace elements mix liquid contains iodine, strontium, iron, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, bromine, copper, zinc, barium and other trace elements as well as vitamin A, E and C.

Dosage: 2 x a week 10 ml / 100 l

Eisen 24
50 ml
other sizes available...



Daily nutrient for invertebrates. Promotes the colouring and growth of corals. Benefits the metabolism of symbiotic algae. Supports the formation of chlorophyll. through the trace element manganese.

180 ml / 150 g
other sizes available...



Siliphos is an effective phosphate and silicate remover based on iron hydroxide for marine and fresh water aquaria. The moist granulate has an extremely high bonding capacity and reliably solves phosphate and silicate related algae problems (thread and slime algae). Suitable for all filter models.


Coral Food
180 ml/ 85 g



Suspension feed and plankton substitute for corals, filter feeders and mussels. Coral Food is a supplement feed for small and large polyp stone corals as well as all other plankton filter feeders. The microfine suspension feed supplies the required amino acids, vitamins and valuable carbon hydrates. Particle size up to 4 micrometer. Incl. spoon.

Hint: Briefly switch off the flow pumps for the time of feeding to facilitate food intake for the filter feeders. Store in a cool and dry place.

Coral Food phyto
180 ml / 85 g



Suspension feed and plankton substitute for corals, filter feeders and mussels. Coral Food phyto is a supplement feed for small and large polyp stone corals as well as all other plankton filter feeders. The microfine suspension feed supplies the required amino acids, vitamins and valuable carbon hydrates. Particle size up to 4 micrometer. Incl. spoon.

Hint: Briefly switch off the flow pumps for the time of feeding to facilitate food intake for the filter feeders. Store in a cool and dry place.



Average performance 200 – 270 l / day at 8 – 15 °C and 2 – 6 bar pressure. Retention rate 95 – 98 %. For example cadmium 95 – 98 %, bacteria 99 %, nitrates 92 – 97 %, silicates 94 – 96 %, sulphates 97 – 98 %. Includes carbon filter, 5 μm fine filter, flow rate limiter and ¾ inch screw for water faucet connection with 6 mm pressure tube.